Terms & Conditions


Wedding Reception & Private Function

Deposit & Payment Terms & Conditions


1. Confirmation

All bookings require written or faxed confirmation using Our Booking Form
along with relevant deposit. We reserve the right to re-let after 10 days if no
deposit or confirmation has been received. The hire of the marquee/restaurant
is for that date only ie the date of your wedding/event and the date on your
contract. Additional services and equipment ie chair covers, chocolate fountains
and discos etc may not be brought into the premises unless confirmed in
writing by a Director of the Company. Terms & Conditions subject to change,
see web site for current terms & conditions.

2. Accounts

A non-refundable deposit of 25\% is to be paid with the confirmation of booking
form, a further 25\% of the estimated balance to be paid six months prior to the
event date, with a further 25\% of the estimated balance three months prior to
the event date. We require the final balance to be paid one month prior to the
event. Payments via credit card will be subject to 3\% handling fee. Debit
cards, BACS and cheques carry no charge.

3. Numbers

Approximate numbers required on booking the event. Final numbers are
required for the event 1 month prior to the event; we will amend the final
numbers when you pay the balance 1 month prior to the event. Please note
these will be the minimum charged to your account with no refunds. Bespoke
evening receptions are charged on a minimum number of 75 people for the
evening buffet and the charge is made on the number of people attending the

4. Entertainment

Our Disco charge is £350 + VAT for 6 hrs. No other disco or live entertainment
is permitted without the written approval of one of the restaurants Directors. A
maximum of 100 decibels is allowed within one meter of the speakers, and all
equipment must have either a current P.A.T. Certificate or an invoice to show
that the equipment is less than one year old. All outside entertainment must
have their own Public Liability Insurance cert and a copy on the day of the
event. The client shall be responsible for any charges arising from cancellation
of entertainment, or associated item made on their behalf by the company.
Our bar licence is until 1am only, unless you have written authority to extend.

5. Cancellation

In the event of the cancellation of the event for any reason, the company
reserves the right to levy cancellation charges as follows:
3-6 months +forfeit original 25\% non-refundable deposit payment and interim
1 month £3 months forfeit interim 50\% payment and original nonrefundable
Actual day £1 month forfeit 100\%
All advanced payments or pre payments are totally non refundable. All
cancellations must be put in writing by all parties named on the contract and
posted by recorded delivery. If you do not receive confirmation within 10 days
you must immediately let us know. It is your responsibility to ensure that we
have received your notice and it is essential that you use recorded delivery and
produce your receipt to prove you have sent us the cancellation notice.

6. Postponement & Moving of Wedding/Event Dates

Should you wish to postpone or move your booked and contracted
wedding/event date, the Company will endeavour to move to any available
dates excluding Saturdays from April November inclusive. All original
payment schedules from the original contract must be adhered to and any
subsequent price increases will be implemented at the time of the

7. Insurance

It is part of the contract to take out wedding insurance, which covers the loss of
any deposits or monies retained by the company for any wedding or event
cancelation for whatever reason. Any wedding or event will not be confirmed
unless the company receives a copy of the policy.

8. Company Liability

The company shall not be liable for any delays in performing its duties as a
result of causes beyond its control. The company reserves the right to cancel
any wedding which it considers could prejudice the reputation of the Group. No
correspondences shall be entered into, and all deposits paid shall be returned.
The company shall not be responsible for any presents or articles left in the
restaurant, marquee or on its grounds prior or after the function. Neither do we
accept responsibility for any damage to vehicles left on the car park or grounds.

9. Client Liability

The client shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of their guests and
ensure that their behaviour shall not cause any breach of the law or in any way
cause a nuisance to other persons or guests. Also, the client shall reimburse the
company for any costs incurred through wilful damage or negligence of the
company’s property by the client or the guest. This includes any damage to
table linen, chair covers, carpet and marquee silks by candle wax. Any person
or company is liable to a cleaning charge due to vomiting of £100.00.

10. Loss of Personal items

The company cannot hold be responsible for the loss of, or damage to any
property left on or around the premises, or to any vehicle or its contents
however caused.

11. General

Whilst the company has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the
information contained in this brochure, tariffs, leaflets and advertisements is
accurate it reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service or
facility without notice if necessary.

12. Christmas Bookings

All Christmas bookings are subject to a 25% non-refundable deposit, all preorders,
final numbers, table plans and balance payments are due by 31st
October of that same year. After that date we reserve the right to re-book your

13. Price Increases

We reserve the right to change our prices without notice.

14. Confetti

Due to our proximity to the nature reserve it is imperative that ONLY organic
confetti (flower petals) is permitted. A cleaning charge of £100 will be levied
should this request be breached.

Event Hire Association January 2017