Posh Loos – FAQs


Do you sell / manufacture as well as hire the units?
Yes we do, we have a range of second hand units available and we can also manufacture to your precise requirements. Please submit your enquiry online > HERE

I am holding a promotional event and I would like to run a video we have of our product in the unit, is this possible?
Yes it is. The Ultra Range units can be fitted with flat DVD screens to run music / promotional DVDs or they can show TV channels. All at no extra charge! For further information submit your enquiry > HERE

What do the units need to run?
The site must be level and access to power is required. Although the Ultra Range has a higher specification than any other unit on the market its power requirements are industry standard. The unit requires a 16 amp 240v supply preferably with a c-form connection (the blue male/female connections you see at campsites etc) to ensure a safe waterproof connection. We can run the unit off a 13 amp supply but without the internal heaters (which may not be an issue on a hot summers day). If you have any questions then please do not hesitate by submitting your enquiry > HERE

Can you plumb into mains drainage?
Yes we can. All we need is a suitably located manhole cover and our trained technicians will do the rest. However, our units have the largest capacity waste tanks on the market so unless the unit is going to be on site for a long period of time, i.e. several weeks, then this may not be necessary. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate by submitting your enquiry > HERE

How do you deliver your units, do they come on the back of a lorry?
The Ultra Range is a self contained towed unit that can be easily positioned. We use Discovery 3 Land Rovers which means that, so long as the final site for the unit is level, we can get them almost anywhere. All our vehicles are fitted with front and rear tow bars and a winch for precise positioning and to assist removal even after the most inclement English weather!

If you have any further questions then please submit your enquiry online HERE to discuss your specific requirements and to confirm availability.