Plan your wedding – and keep your job!

Make every second count in the run-up to your big day, with these time-saving top tips

Commute creatively

Use your daily journey to the office to update your to-do list. Click here to see our list of useful apps that will make your planning a breeze!

Manage your money

Set up online banking, both for your everyday account and a seperate one specifically for your wedding budget. This can again be easily accessed from your phone – keeping on top of your finances has never been easier!

Plan your Wedding

Swap your soundtrack

Instead of your usual on-the-go playlist, listen to potential bands or DJs. Just try to keep the volume at a discreet level – your fellow commuters probably don’t want to hear a runthrough of your reception playlist!

Start a spreadsheet

Enter everything into a spreadsheet so you can make quick updates to guest lists and costs while on your computer. With any luck, your boxx won’t realise it’s not office work you’re doing!

Ask the right questions

Before contacting any potential vendors, devise a list of the questions to ensure you find out all you need to know in as short a time as possible. Otherwise, you could come off the phone 20 minutes later and still be none the wiser.

Make evening calls

Calling suppliers in the evening when there’s no one in the office may seem like a waste of time but it actually makes perfect sense. If you leave a message for them to call back on your work number the next day, you’re less likely to get busted for making personal calls.


There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from family and friends. Your maids, mum and sisters can help with everything from creating placecards to looking up invitees’ addresses and scheduling hair and make-up appointments.

Use your breaks wisely

Bring your invitations to work and get busy addressing them while wolfing down a sandwich. Or, spend lunchtimes flicking through magazines and tearing out pages of things you like. Stick them onto a moodboard and take it along to consultations with your suppliers.

Treat your colleagues

Arrange to have your cake samples sent into work and you’ll have a bunch of willing guinea pigs on hand. Ask each colleague to mark down their favourite to give you a good idea of what will please your guests.