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We can make custom enclosures to suit any requirement. Common options include:

  • MCBs
  • RCDs
  • RCBOs
  • Trip warning and Current Measurement
  • 110v, 240v, 230v (single phase)
  • 415v, 400v, 380v (three phase)
  • 32A, 16A outlets (panel sockets)
  • 32A, 63A and 125A inlets (panel / trailing plugs)
  • Digital Ammeters / Voltmeters / Multimeters

    Please contact us if you require advice or are looking for a product not listed here!
    Some Examples of products we have made or are able to make are shown below:

IMST Boxes

Distribution Boxes

Ideal for Caterers, Discos, Outside Lighting
300 x 295 x 197 (W x D x H in mm)

Exceptionally tough and practical enclosure, ideal for outdoor use or in challenging environments, units are also able to stack on top of each other. Can be made with 16A/240v, 16A/415v, 32A/240v 32A/415v inlet. Sockets available from 13A to 32A / 415v, with space for up to 8 trips on top (under inspection window).

Standard configurations are available under 32A Distribution. Alternatively, please call 0800 0432 123 for a quote on any custom unit today.